Mr. Jasdip Singh extended heartfelt condolences for the lives lost in these attacks. The Sikhs of America community stands


Sikhs of America Chairman Condemns Hamas Attacks on Israel

In a strong statement, Mr. Jasdip Singh Jassi, Chairman of Sikhs of America, unequivocally condemned the recent attacks carried out by Hamas terrorists against Israel, which have targeted both civilians and civilian communities. The SikhS of America organization firmly stands against terrorism and believes that there is never any justification for such acts of violence.

Mr. Jassi extended heartfelt condolences for the lives lost in these attacks. The SikhS of America community stands united with Israel during this challenging time and offers support to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

The chairman emphasized the importance of peace and dialogue in resolving conflicts, urging all parties involved to engage in peaceful negotiations to find a lasting solution. He highlighted the need for mutual understanding, respect, and empathy to foster harmony among nations.

Sikhs of America is an organization dedicated to promoting Sikh values, fostering interfaith dialogue, and advocating for social justice. Through their condemnation of the Hamas attacks on Israel, they aim to uphold the principles of peace, compassion, and unity.

As the conflict continues, Sikhs of America calls for an end to violence and urges the international community to work towards a peaceful resolution that ensures the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.

Inderjit Singh Gujral
Gen. Sect
Surinder Raheja

Board of Trustees
Sajid Tarar,Dilvir Singh,Raj Saini
Jaswinder Singh Johney,Sarbjit Singh Bakshi
Pritpal Singh Lucky,Chattar Singh Saini
Jaimodh Nibber,Mahinder Pal Singh Bhogal,Gurmeet Singh,Gurvinder Sethi
Manpreet Singh,Prabhjot Batra
Darshan Singh Saluja,Hardip Singh Goldi
Maninder Sethi,Harbeer Batra
Sukhpal Singh Dhanoa,


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